Cleaning out my closets

So, what do you do with a bunch of free days on New Year?
What about getting rid of a lot of old junk?

It's what I did for hours during days. So I started the new year with less baggage.
I started going through all my dance magazines (since 1993!!!) and taking out the interesting articles - the rest went out. It was knee-high pile of paper...

I also brought 2 big bags of books to the second-hand shop.

Then I went over to the kitchen and brought some order into my cleaning stuff and the tool boxes.
I re-decorated my bathroom and added some more glittery, dangling things as well as a big new yellow orchid.
Then I finally attacked the shoes.... Can you believe that I sorted out 15 pairs of shoes and there is still no space for new ones! But hey, there is potential for some additional shelves, as you can see... har har... 

It's a really good experience, especially when you don't have to be afraid of attacking objects every time you open a closet door!

Now all I have to do is not to get too many new things!
Better spend my money on travelling, right!?