The 'mode

I believe that the music you hear as a teenager is the one that impresses you most.

I was a teenager in the 80's. Now you know what I like :-)

Besides a lot of other stuff I was a huge Depeche Mode fan. I have several records - you know those big black things :-) Actually, one of them is grey....

Oh, and of course I though Dave Gahan was really cute!!!

This is me, ready to go to the DM concert in November 1987. I never got more "New Wave" than this :-)

The funny thing is that after loving this music for years, when I was about 19 I stopped listening to it completely.
I took a time warp and for a while all I listened to was music from the 1950s and 1960s. I would not leave the house without my Mamas + Papas cassette in my WalkMan, I adored the Shangrilas and got some good old fashioned Rock'n'Roll records.

But some months ago, after an abstinence of nearly 20 years, I got back to DM. And hey, they are fabulous!!!
This time I bought the music from iTunes - yeah, times change after all :-)

I recently also downloaded "The Singles 1981 - 1985". Listening to this, I asked myself how I could have lived without this music for so long!!!
My Goodness - hearing "Shake the disease" I melt like cheese and my heart opens up.
Wait, I have to listen to it again right now...! (I need my daily dose!) 

And there's more great music from their early years.

Go listen to it. And leave a comment if you love the 'Mode like I do!