Montreux - Island life

So, for over a week I have been a cast-away on a tiny island in Montreux.

And it's a good thing too.
Back in Zurich it's the Euro08 (European football/soccer championship) with thousands of fans flooding the town, locked streets and general crazyness. I don't need that.

Here we spend quiet days doing some garden work, chasing ducks from the terrace and reading.

As you can see, there was much work waiting for us when we arrived... It was quite a jungle!

Cleaning the terrace - every morning, rain or shine

I also arranged to do teach some workshops in the region. Gets me to places I wouldn't normally go to like Brig or Lausanne. Plus they are so thankful for a teacher to come to them, since they live off the normal workshop teachers' track.

On my way back from one of the workshops I stopped in Sion and visited the two castles there - an older and a newer one, both on steep hills. So when you are in one castle you look over to the other.

Unfortunately it has been quite cool for June nearly the whole time through. And the heating in the house is not working. Great. I always wanted to spend my summer holidays wearing 2 sweaters to eat dinner...