Montreux - On a deserted island

Tuesday and Wednesday I had the entire house - and therefore the island - to myself.
Boyfriend had to go to Zurich for a work meeting and his mother had an appointment at the dentist.

Of course I couldn't leave my fingers off the garden... but I took it easy. Also reading a lot. And on Wednesday afternoon I went to Vevey, a pretty town nearby - the one where Charlie Chaplin used to live.
It has a lot of cute little shops in the old center.
Plus I had a pedicure done :-)

Matching hats!

After my boyfriend came back, we finally made it to the Château de Chillon, a main attraction of Montreux. That castle is HUGE! It took us 3 hours to walk through all the rooms. Really impressive. 

The old dungeon

View from the tower 

Today his aunt and uncle are here and a friend of mine arrived as well. But the house is big enough to acommodate a whole lot of people.

Rocking with Mr. Mercury

A little boat trip