Zurich - short break from vacation

I had to come to Zurich for 5 evenings/days of intensive theater rehearsals.
Just in time for my hands... They hurt so much from all the gardening! Especially closing my hand was painfull. On Friday I could hardly brush my hair because I couldn't really hold the brush...

But it's better now - and anyway, I think I will spend my last week in Montreux (starting tonight) mostly on the terrace and maybe doing some excursions.
We have to go to the Chillon castle and some other places like good tourists!

Coming back to Zurich, I was also right on time for my semi-annual pilgrimage... Sales at the big Bally shoe shop!!! I made a donation to the temple and got a pair of silver high heel sandals in return. Thank you, shoe gods! 

Finally, last night I decided to go for a round of tango.
Oh, have I mentionned that it's HOT here now? Tropical?
Man, everybody was sweating.
Tango certainly raises your tolerance for other people's sweat... Because no matter how hot it is, we still mostly dance in close embrace here.

So now it's another day at the office, dance lesson, theater rehearsal and then off to the sunny West!