Honolulu - the notorious 3rd day

You might know the rule that on the 3rd day you should not do too much sports?
I could certainly tell by the way my paddling muscles hurt :-)

Anyway, we had other plans yesterday. Willow had arranged that we could be in the EARLY morning show of a local TV station.

We had to be there at 7 AM... Did half an hour of talking and trying to sell the workshops and the dance shows.
We had dressed for the occasion, Willow in a bellydance costume, me in an Indian salwar kameez.

Afterwards, Willow dropped me at the Ala Moana shopping mall which was just about to open and I hit the shops seriously.

I hadn’t had time to change and at least 3 shop assistants gave me compliment for my Indian outfit - although I must have been the most covered person in all Honolulu, everybody else wearing shorts and skirts...

I didn’t do much in the afternoon, mostly relaxing and preparing for the evening class which was a Bollywood dance workshop.

Not too many people showed up, but this might change for my next workshops, I will be teaching more on Saturday and next Wednesday.