Honolulu - The two big S: Surfing + Shopping!

More surfing, even earlier in the morning! It was better, less people and stronger waves.

Then I sat around at the beach a bit, but decided that I needed a book to read or else it was going to be a bit boring just watching the palm trees and the many, many Japanese tourists :-)

We also used the webcam:

Somehow, the way home inevitably leads along Kalakaua Avenue, the big shopping area... Surprise!

There are so many great shops here that we don’t have at home, so it’s really worth checking them all out. Oh, and of course SALES are on! Somehow I always manage to be here during sales. Unless the never stop :-)

I fell in love with a handbag that I haven’t bought yet because I wanted to look around some more, but I think I will go and get it.

In the afternoon I had to practice a bit so that I would be good at all those dance gigs! I really noticed all the paddling I had done in the morning. Heavy arms...

And finally we went off to tango in the evening! The local scene is small but there are several good dancers, so I had a good time.