New York - Getting clean and going around

Leela recommended that I should go to the Russian and Turkish Baths and that’s exactly what I did on Saturday morning.
I spent 2 hours (and a bunch of money) there and it was really worth it. Some friendly Russians gave me a rub, wash and mud treatment and then a platza. That means you are stretched out on a bench in this insanely hot sauna room and some guy called Victor hits you with oak leaves and throws cold water at you if he isn’t doing some hardcore massage... Sounds bad, but it’s quite refreshing.

When I stepped out on the street there was one of this “Hop on - hop off” city tour buses and I hopped on to get to see a bit more of down town Manhattan.

I hopped off shortly at Time Square because I was starving and needed some pizza but was glad to take the next bus to get away again, because that place is just too crazy!! My head was spinning with all the noise and lights after just 2 minutes.

But all in all, New York is certainly an impressing place and I guess I have to go back some day.

Later I walked around China town and back up on Broadway.

Finally I ended the day with MORE TANGO! Surprise!
It was held at the Lafayette Grill - a place that's famous in belly dance history because they have been featuring dancers for a long time. Not this night of course.

Actually, I forgot my tango shoes at the hotel, but I decided that it was not worth it going back to the hotel, my ballerinas would have to do.
And the first guy I danced with turned out to be a German on a business trip :-)