3 days on the Big Island of Hawai’i

I hopped over to Hilo on the Big Island last Sunday, early in the morning and immediately booked my first tour when I arrived at the hotel.

And I was very right about that because there isn’t really much else to do. Hilo is a sleepy little town (I dare say village).

I walked there from the hotel and found everything closed... Well, there was a market later in the morning. But you know, basically markets look the same all over the world!

I can make this quite short because everything exciting during these three days happened on tours, there isn’t much else to report about the town :-)

All three tours were with the same guide, and it was only him and 2 other guests in the car which made the organization quite flexible and we didn’t have to wait for a big group. A bit more expensive that way but definitely worth it.
The guide knows a lot of nice little corners to show and is quite flexible.
I walked over lava fields and through rain forests, saw craters and waterfalls, many different plants, cows and some hippies...

On day one I took an afternoon trip, mostly to see a bit of jungle and a lot of lava stones.

Like the plants in your office, but much bigger!

Hot water pool

old Lava streams

This used to be a village - victim to a recent volcanic eruption!

Signs of new life

Lava flowing into the sea!

Day two took me up on a crater, down to the other side of the island and back around. It’s really fascinating how the landscape changes every 10 minutes. I mean, looking at these pictures, would you think I saw all this in one day, on the same island?

Sorry, I forgot the names of all those volcanoes - but they look good and are actually really high!

And down to the green country side!

very interesting hill

Short stop at a beautiful but rather empty hotel

A lonely beach

Dramatic waves!

Small rivers and big waterfalls

So pretty!

I started day three with a little walk early in the morning - since there was NOTHING to do in the evening I had really enough sleep...

Looking back at the hotel

cruise ship

Japanese garden - we're in Hawaii after all!

Part three of my tour took me to some smoking, steaming parts of the island - and later in the afternoon straight back to the airport. Yes, I did the condensed program :-)

Don't worry, it's not my head that's smoking!

Steamy soil

Entering a lava tunnel

If your guide tells you to pose like this for the picture, you better do it!

Thanks for 3 great tours!

A last glance...

Those volcanoes are REALLY high!

I am really glad that I went to the Big Island, it was a great experience.
Even though I was also glad to return to Honolulu yesterday afternoon and to be in a CITY again!!!