What an inspiring weekend I've had!

I don't take many workshops nowadays. For one thing I teach them myself, so I don't have the time. And the I was kind of over-workshopped for a while. I had taken so many workshops with so many teachers - and finally found that not much stuck with me.

So it was a good opportunity this weekend that one of my workshops was postponed and I had the opportunity to take two days with Diana Tarkhan from Cairo. Wow, she was great! I normally don't use choreographies I learned in workshops, but this one is so great, it's really worth practicing it. And I think I'll be performing it in 2,5 weeks at a company event. Hopefully in a new costume from Istanbul :-)

Update: I later performed the choreography in a stage show, here it is:

And then I stumbled over a video clip of Nagwa Fuad dancing to the song Ali Luz.

I once transferred it from an old cassette to my computer, but the cassette's quality had already suffered and it was not usable for performance. So suddenly I thought, why not ask the world wide bellydance community? That's what discussion forums are there for after all! And just a few hours later Tamra Henna from Texas sent me a sound file of an old recording. It sounds so great, it gives me goosebumps! I love it even more now than on my old synthesizer-version.
That will be the other song I'll dance to at the company event. It will be a nice contrast to dance an impro to an old fashioned piece, followed by modern Egyptian style.
Looking forward to it!

The picture is from one of my recent performances - also an inspiration, I want to recreate it when I have my next photo shoot to have a better version of this dynamic action-shot.