Istanbul approaching... I have big plans!

Yes my lovelies it's soon time for another of my travel blogs! I booked my plane ticket to Istanbul in July - it's how you get cheap flights :-)

Then my friend Katharina finally decided to come along! For weeks we've been breaking out into hysterical screaming: "We are going to Istanbul!!" And now it's getting close. On Monday I will take the flight.....

I have already made a detailed plan: arrive at hotel - throw luggage into room - go to Servet (tailor) to have him make two dresses out of Hawaiian fabric I bought in Honolulu - go to Misar Butik and order a multi-color costume - go to SIM and Legend to check out what they have - go to Tango shoemaker and order 2 more pairs of shoes.... Eat dinner.... go to Milonga and dance Tango!

On Tuesday morning we'll head to the Cat Cave (aka Bella, the costume designer who has about 12 cats in her showroom....).

From SIM, Legend or Bella I will order another multicolor costume and also get one in silver (ready made or order). I have sold so many costumes that I have a big budget, ha!

Then there are some hamams to check out, "normal" shopping, frequent visits to Özsüt (pastries), Milongas and a trip to the Pinces Islands. And no, we won't be gone for a month, only a week...... :-)

I already started packing. I am filling a small suitcase with the most necessary stuff and putting it into a big empty suitcase. Then when I come home the big suitcase should be full with the small one on the side....