Istanbul - Let's Basar!

Day three of our trip and it's about time we hit the Kapali Çarçi, also known as Grand Basar.

First we went to have breakfast at a small hotel where Katharina had stayed before and was friends with the owner. He escorted us to the basar and took us to some shops where we bought tons of tribal jewellery.

After a short break we went to see a costume shop called Gülseren where I had bought one of my favourite costumes about 12 years ago.

This time I bought a shipload of hip scarves for a friend of mine and ordered a skirt while Katharina got pants for her group and another skirt. Wholesale galore :-)

Ever wondered how to bargain for prices? Here's how it works:

We'll need to go back and pick up our orders later but anyway, we still have some things on the shopping list we need from the Basar...

Afterwards I went to SIM for a fitting of my new costume and to Bella to pick up the finished one! Looks great!

No Kat-woman, you can't take the kitty home!

And then I took Katharina to the tango shoe maker so that she could order her own custom made shoes. Who cares that she is a beginner - as long as she has great shoes!

Needless to say that it was another day where I was nearly starving until we finally got dinner!
But more about that later, it's hamam time now...