Istanbul - Nightlife!

We were both so happy with our new costumes that we had to take pictures. Fortunately the hotel has a very nice, old fashioned lobby which makes an excellent backdrop.

Then we packed our tango shoes and went to Özsüt for a late cake dinner.

Of the different milongas going on this evening we chose BailaTango because it's practically situated in the same street as Araf where we planned to go later. Besides this I have been there before and liked the atmosphere.

Like many buildings on Istiklal Caddesi this one has a club on every floor. You might find an 80ies party on the first floor, traditional Turkish music on the 2nd floor, salsa on the 3rd and hard rock on the 4th - while they are playing house music in the basement!
You also find a lot of bands playing live music. There really is a party for every taste - if you get bored at night in Beyoglu, it's your own fault...

Although we had been warned that there would be "only 5 people" the milonga was pleasantly crowded and the owner of the dance school, Metin Yasir (who is rather famous dancer and teacher) even sent us two dancers over in the beginning to make sure were dancing. Then one dance partner followed the other with hardly 5 minutes to breathe inbetween. I have never had such busy milongas as during this week!

Katharina left first because one of her friends was already waiting at Araf, I followed her a little later. I am not sure at what time because it was the night when they changed from daylight saving time to regular time. Fortunately for us, it meant one hour more of sleep... (comes in handy if you have to get up at 9 am after a long party night!)