Tunisia - Old stones!

Wednesday was culture day! We hired a taxi to drive us around various sites of the ancient Carthage - whatever the Romans had left of it... 

It was quite impressive, especially on Byrsa hill where as a bonus to the old stones you also have a magnificent view over Tunis, the harbour and the sea. 

A visit to the small museums there was a welcome break from the heat outside. 

In one exhibition they showed the reconstruction of a young man that was done according to the skeleton that was found in his tomb. It was amazing how life-like he looked. 

The next highlight was the Bardo museum. I love mosaics and this collection of ancient Roman and early Christian mosaics was just awesome. Some of them were really big and covered entire walls. 

This is one of my favourite border designs, made of fish and shells

Unfortunately parts of the building were under renovation. It would definitely be worth coming back just to see the whole thing.

In the evening we asked for a "typical Tunisian" restaurant and were sent to one in La Marsa which was quite an experience! If not really for the food but for the ambiance.