Last December, when my friend Anasma and her fiancé Pierre decided to celebrate their wedding in Tunisia, they certainly didn't expect a revolution in the country... But they stuck to their plan and so did we. 

So on Tuesday morning we went on a Tunisair plane - me, Olivier and Willow who had come all the way from Honolulu (also to go to a weeklong dance conference in Austria). 
After only 2 hours we already touched down in Tunis. On the way to the hotel we asked the taxi driver about the situation and he said that although there isn't much work at the moment, people are generally in a good mood - and no tourist had been harmed since the revolution. 

When we checked in our hotel in Gammarth we also met Sue, Willow's mother, who had arrived 2 days earlier. 
Oli and I went to check out the hotel grounds and beach. One can really see that the place is rather empty. There are only a few dozen guests instead of hundreds that there would be space for in the hotel and bungalows. 
I found out that there were camels in the hotel's "ranch" and booked a ride for the early evening. 

But first it was time for the pool! It's actually quite big and since there aren't many people it's very nice to swim. 

At six we started our little camel excursion. I had a camel with the name Bernadette :-) Oli and Sue rode together on a male called Ali Baba. Since the third camel was pregnant, Willow rode a horse instead. 


We went up and down the beach and into the sunset - it was very pleasant. I just feel comfortable on camels, I always enjoy to ride them! 

In the evening we drove to La Marsa, a town close by. Our taxi driver didn't find the restaurant that our receptionist had recommended. So I just told him to stop at a place where there were some restaurants and we went into one that had Lebanese cuisine. Unfortunately it was very crowded and the service took for ever... But at least the food was good. 

When we got home we more or less just fell into bed because we all had slept very little the night before.