Istanbul - Glitter!

I went on serious glitter business on Monday. First Lara took me to a costume designer called Pelin who I had heard about a few times. She works from her home which means that 2 entire rooms of her appartment are used as costume atelier. Pelin actually grew up in Germany and only moved to Turkey 8 years ago so I could talk German with her.
I didn't buy anything but she makes beautiful stuff.

Then we went to BellySu. Serap, the owner, wasn't there yet but we waited with the seamstresses. I have to say, Lara really seems very fluent in Turkish, she talked to them like a waterfall!
Like my friend on Saturday they told me that I seemed to have lost weight since last year. To which I responded by buying some chocolate and cocoa pastries from the bakery next door.
Whenever people tell me that I look thinner I always get hungry :-)

When Serap arrived, I went fabric shopping with her while Lara left for a meeting. The last two times it had taken us a while to find the right material - but this time we only needed a short round through the fabric store street and we found everything we needed. A nice snow leopard chiffon for a wide skirt and turquoise fabric for underneath.

Serap went back to start working on the costume and I took the metro and tram over to Eminönü.

The Spice Basar (also called Egyptian Basar) has mostly that: spices and souvenirs. But in the backstreets behind the covered area you can find everything you need for daily life. And glitter - a lot of glitter!

I was looking for some hot fix rhinestones. There are many dozens of little (and some bigger) shops that sell all kinds of glitter stones in various qualities and prize ranges. And they never have all the colors, so you have to visit them all!
 Unless of course you find the one shop that specializes in hot fix stones and doesn't make you buy a package of 1000 pieces which I really don't need! Per Murphy's law I only found this shop after walking around for two hours...

But I was still happy because they have all colors there also the one I hadn't found anywhere else. Next time I will just go there directly!

In another shop I bought 5 meters of rhinestone chain mostly because it was so cheap! And you never know when you might need it, right?

All this glitter stuff (and probably the lack of water) got me a headache. So I decided to walk back to the hotel. It's not that far over the Galata bridge and the sight of the hill and the tower on it just never gets old!

If I walk fast - as usual - it takes me only about 8 minutes to walk up the steep hill to the beginning of Istiklal caddesi where I rewarded myself with a visit to Starbucks. Yeah, not very "local" but hey, my late lunch had been a cheap chicken kebap, sitting on a tiny chair in the street, so I had done my share of "Turkish" for the day. I sat in the back area which was nearly as quiet as a library. Everybody was reading or working on some studies. It was quite relaxing. Just what I needed before hitting the shops again!

I profited of the seemingly never ending sales and bought some clothes and shoes.

Then I went back to the hotel. I was sweaty and smelly and in desperate need of a shower.

The milonga I went to this night was just a 2 minutes walk from my hotel. I recognized several people and was greeted by two of them like an old friend before I even put my shoes on.

After a first round of dancing I got really hungry so I sat in restaurant part of the place and ate a giant omelette that was covered with a lot of melted cheese. Just what I needed to make sure I had enough energy.
Then I went back and danced with a lot of different partners - one of them was even from Zurich!