Istanbul - Sunday on the market

In Sunday at noon I met up in Osmanbay with Lara, an American who lives and workes here as a dancer.
We went to a big flea market together which was real fun. I bought some little jewellery pieces and she found a nice old wooden tea table and a handbag.
I resisted...
I also ate a freshly made Turkish speciality of which I have forgotten the name.

Then we walked back to her appartment which was close to the market.
She showed me some of her costumes and told me who made them - research work for my shopping guide!
Then we just sat around, looking at dance pictures and talking about the adventurous and not always glamorous life of dancers... Because in this job, you always have some good stories to tell!

On the way back to the hotel I took a first look at different shoe shops but was a bit tired.
So I simply relaxed for a while and took a nap.

In the evening I went to one of my favourite milongas which is on Istiklal caddesi, within walking distance of the hotel. So I ate dinner on the way at Ficcin, another place I really like - it has what I would define as "Turkish homemade cooking". And their köfte are just the best!

I worked those meatballs off later as I was very busy dancing that night - as I said, small milongas work so much better for me!
The only time I wasn't dancing is when I chatted with a Greek guy who came here for the festival. Interestingly he had also been dissapointed with last night's milonga and hadn't danced much. So I am not alone...
Anyway, I had a great time!