Montreux - Kill ivy! Kill ducks!

Bloody ducks. Every time you turn your back they return to the terrace and shit on the marble flour... My boyfriend who is known as a very peaceful person even throws small stones at them (don't worry he seldom hits a duck).

And when you are done chasing away ducks, it's back to garden work. I really enjoy that. Yesterday, boyfriend cut down a big laurel bush. Today we spent hours cutting all the branches apart.

Then it was time to clean the now free ground. It's kind of archeological work here - suddenly there was a circle of stones. It had once been the boarder of a flower bed before the laurel got out of hand... Now we are getting new flowers.

But first I had to pull out about 10 kilometers of ivy. And there is more of that stuff! It has started to grow out into the grass....

It's a big garden and you hardly get to cut all the plants there are in one Summer. But well, we have already achieved some great changes and will continue.

Oh, and it's finally Summer! And this place is just so wonderful in the sun! Just to sit on the terrace and look out on the lake, the mountains (and watch out for ducks....) is great.