Hiking the ridge trail for the 1st of August

What better day for a hike than a sunny public holiday in August? Olivier and me took the opportunity of our Swiss national day for a hike up the Uetliberg. Now people oft joke that this "mountain" in Zurich is just a better hill - but once you have hiked it up the way we did, you are taught a lot of respect for it! 

I live close enough to it to be able to walk the entire way. It started quite harmless, as you can see on the map of part 1: walking from right to left. After the first third the hill stars getting steep already.

What looks like a short walk through the forest was actually the longest part of the hike. Because Oli wanted to take the "short cut". Be warned: short cut are ALWAYS a bad idea on the Uetliberg! 
You know something is wrong when the trails start to look like this:

By that time we still thought it was "romantic" to step over the trees' roots...

But soon after that we were walking of a veritable ridge! Just look how steep down it goes on both sides! And quite far as well!

 We had a short break from the scary trail when we arrived here. There was an "official" trail going from there. But no - Oli insisted that we continued straight up!
Soon after that we were on a ridge again, this time going up VERY steep - I literally had to hold on to branches, roots and small trees to prevent me from slipping. I am not ashamed to say that I was scared shitless. Pictures just don't do it justice...
It really didn't help that Oli kept saying that it was "not far now" and we would be arrive "soon" - although he clearly had not idea where exactly we were.

When we finally arrived on the top we had to practically climb over an edge - just to find some Indian tourists (who had taken the train) sitting on some comfortable benches and staring at us as if we were crazy. Just my sentiment!
Oli totally owed me a piece of chocolate cake at the Uto Kulm restaurant! 

Then we continued for the second part of our hike which was definitely more comfortable! Always staying on the nice, broad official trail. 

 Looking back at the Uto Kulm restaurant with its towers.

 Wow, people live here!
 Lake Zurich on the left

No, it's not a graveyard or an alien landing station :-) 
These used to be the benches and tables of a restaurant.
 The dead restaurant's terrace
This is exactly what I would draw when we asked to "draw a tree" at school. 
You are welcome to analyze me :-)
 Landscape with para glider
 Mysterious tower

As you can see on the map above we walked quite far (for about 2,5 hours)  actually on the search for a restaurant to have dinner. But all we found where either closed, too expensive or preparing for the evening's festivities.
So in the end we took the cable car down to Adliswil.

There we got on the train back to Zurich and went straight to the heart of the city to eat our sausages at the Zeughauskeller!