Montreux flash-back

This summer we followed these famous song lyrics several times:
We all came down to Montreux
On the Lake Geneva shoreline

I had hoped to have another chance in September, but it didn't work out. Well, let's just have a look back instead, shall we?

In July we went during the Jazz Festival. To my own shame I must admit that in all these years that I would have perfect access I never went to a concert once... I only saw some bands playing on outdoor stages for free or street artists.
But when we are in Montreux during the festival we always enjoy walking along the promenade, looking at all the stands.
This year they have become even more elaborate. I mean, look at these dozens of food stalls, all in the same design!

The had also built temporary terraces into the lake. 
We got our share of ice cream and even did a little shopping at the market stands.

Other than that we mainly used the weekend to relax and enjoy the view in the evening and morning.

I will NEVER, EVER get tired of eating my breakfast to this view. I also like the fact that I am usually by far the first person to be up, so I can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

It was the season of young birds! Many of the swans and ducks were swimming around followed by a bunch of their young. 

I caught a family on film:

We went down again in the beginning of August. This time there were more people around. And we were also joined by my aunt Nelly who was on her yearly Switzerland trip (she lives in New Mexico).
So of course we took her to meet Freddie and have dessert in a lovely restaurant.

On Saturday Oli and me went for a lovely hike - I wrote about it in a separate blog post.

We also met our duck family again!

Two weeks later we had our own family breakfast with children.

This is Olivier with his brand new godson Valentin. And his brothers Manuel and Julian.

I continued my routine of Indian dance practice on the terrace in the morning.
And I took too many dramatic sunset pictures. I can't decide which one to choose so I will just post many of them. After all, it's my blog and I can show as many sunsets as I want!