My Shoe Crisis - Part Three - The Conclusion (for now…)

One of the great advantages of modern life are online vendors who not only deliver goods free of charge but also take them back for free :-)

Thanks to my great need for ankle boots that would fit my current lifestyle I have become a VERY good customer of in a really short time!
And since I had all the packages sent to my workplace, my shopping experience was quite hassle free.

So here I am now, with 4 pairs of new boots - and 2 pairs of ballerinas as kind of "collateral damage" - well, they were on sale!

OK, I actually bought the boots on the top left in a shop in Zurich. 
The grey ones I had to order from the UK because nobody nearer had them in this color! 
The lower left ones are a direct results from watching a LOT of 1960s dance videos on YouTube in preparation for a performance. They are ultra stylish!
And hey, purple booties are just another way to bring some color into the darker time of the year!

Speaking of collateral damage… During that Sixties phase I also suddenly felt like I needed some dresses in that style. They are all from the same brand, Anna Field (on Zalando).
And then there was the thing about wanting more thin pullovers (these are from La Redoute, just so I would distribute my money to various places!).
Suffice to say that I have definitely done enough shopping for the moment! And I am actually glad that some of the things I ordered didn't fit so I could send them back and at least save some money… (hence the gratitude for free return shipping)

Some time this winter my flat black boots will be worn to death and will have to be replaced. But I think I should just leave that for my next #shoecrisis!