My Shoe Crisis - Part One - The crisis begins....

Summer went, October came... and with it the realization that I had to do something about my shoe collection. I officially called out a #shoecrisis

If you have ever seen my shoe closet, on pictures or in real life, you know that I have a LOT of shoes. So many that I had to convert part of my built in wall closet to be able to fit in more pairs!

I took a picture in April 2012 after throwing out 12 (!!!) pairs of shoes. I know. Some of you may say now that they don't even own that many in total...

It's not that I buy shoes constantly - in fact, during the past months I had bought very few. But over the years they just keep piling up.

Anyway, the most important thing is that many of my shoes just don't fit my lifestyle anymore.
  • I go to work by bicycle about 95 % of the year - rain or shine, heat or cold. And let's face it: more often cold than not. So my open stilettos just don't get out a lot! They are not practical for bicycling and since I have changed my job inside the company where I work, my feet are under a desk most of the time anyway where nobody sees them.
  • When I go out to dance it's mostly tango. I have special shoes for that, normal street shoes don't work very well. Now wonder I have a collection-within-the-collection of about a dozen tango shoes. And they get worn regularly! 
  • If I do feel the need for hopping around like crazy in a club I'd rather have a comfortable heel because I can go on for HOURS! No sitting down in between. 
Well there you have it. 

And now that it's getting colder I feel like I just don't have enough options to choose from. I need black ankle hight boots. And my higher boots have seen better days because I wore them so often last winter. 
I really, really want lace-up boots with a little heel, like I used to have them all the time about 10 or 15 years ago when I still had my motor bike. They were very practical because I could ride my bike and then just leave them on to dance salsa. 

Time to go online. Where I found out that the style I am looking for is called Victorian boots.
Like this:
And they are so hard to find around here!

Some hours and shopping websites later I had ordered all kinds of booties and even a pair of rubber rain boots! One model that I especially liked I had to order from the UK because it was the only shop that had them in grey and in my size.
And I TOTALLY fell in love with these Sixties style booties!
I admit, I did go a little overboard, but I also guessed that of all the shoes I ordered, I was probably not going to keep everything since online shopping for shoes can be a bit tricky.


A few days have passed and I received my first packages, delivered to the office - I had to warn the receptionist that there would be more :-)
Out of 4 pairs of boots in total I only kept 2 - the others were either too big (and the smaller size is sold out) or not the right color.

And this is just the start....

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