My Shoe Crisis - Part Two - Reality Check

Today I went into town after work to the one shop that I thought would be able to help me: Booster.
This shop is quite legendary in Zurich, it sells shoes and clothes that you don't find anywhere else, especially if you are into 1950's clothes and other not-the-fashion-right-now styles.
They also used to sell oldies music - when I was in my late teens and early twenties, I used to buy my Rock'n'Roll records (vinyl!) there.
And sure enough, they had the lace-up boots I had been looking for all over the Internet! Success!

(By the way: In case you haven't read about the beginning of my shoe crisis, you can find it here!)

Now that I have 3 new pairs of booties, I need some space in my shoe closet. So I went to work. You know, organized and systematic like I am!

I took all my shoes out (except sneakers, flip flops, tango and performance shoes, they are a separate category...) and arranged them on my bedroom floor in three sections.

You don't have to count them. These are 123 pairs of shoes. You are welcome.

The section on the left are shoes that I literally haven't worn a single time this year. And some of them only few times before that. You might notice that there are a lot of high heels...

A lot of them are in very good condition - no wonder, they spent most time standing around in the closet... I might auction off some of the expensive ones that I am not realistically going to wear any time soon. Like the fancy pair by Azzadine Alaïa down in the right corner. 
But I will keep the Diors - many good memories there :-)

In the center we have shoes that I have worn a few times, some of them are rather new. This is the biggest bunch. 
And on the right we have the "working" shoes. They get out in the fresh air all the time. And no surprise here: Most of them are flats. I go to work by bicycle after all!

I had to take a separate picture of my boots, there just wasn't enough space left in the bedroom to do it right:
The flat black boots desperately need to be replaced - I had worn them all the time last winter and that's what they look like! It really hurt my heart when I threw away the Bally boots (in the center) but they really were in a bad shape, beyond repair. 

I also threw away 3 more pairs of shoes and put about a dozen in a bag to donate them to charity. The logic being: If shoes look so bad that I would not dare giving them to charity I should not be wearing them myself anymore! By now I also decided that 6 pairs will be auctioned off online. That's a total of approximately 20 shoes less!

So now I am putting the rest of the shoes back in the closet. THEORETICALLY there should be more space now, even with the new shoes...

(some time passes while I go and finish my work....)

Hahahaha. I'm so funny. Because that clearly must have been a joke, right? Here is the current state of my shoe closet (it's really hard to take a proper picture, there just isn't enough space):

Can you see all that free space? Me neither. And there are still some shoes due to arrive from my last order!
The #shoecrisis is still on....

Here's part one, in case you missed it - and part three for kind of a conclusion.