Cardiff - shopping, culture and ghosts

Saturday morning started out very rainy so after a littlte snack we hurried over to the St. David's shopping mall - the perfect place for our planned shopping extravaganza.

Who can resist a Vitamin Volcano? 
And somebody must have come over from France to show the UK how to make croissants - they are all delicious!
The mall has several parts and is huge! So we spent many hours there, checking out a lot of different shops.
But contrary to what you might think, the shoe shopping was only done by Olivier!
I mostly bought gadgets and accessories for travelling and home. Some of that stuff that you just can't find in Switzerland or at much higher prices.
The mall has a wide variety of shops for everybody. They seem to be especially fond of Scandinavian chains for home accessories and colorful stationary.

One funny thing happened to me at Marks & Spencer: The lady at the check out told me: "You look like a dancer." And she was very surprised when I told her that I am!

After a few hours we deposited our purchases at the hotel and went to the Chapel, the restaurant we had discovered the night before (and the only church building we had been inside on this trip so far!) for a late lunch. It's from 1887 and really lovely.

The food was delicious too and the waiters really friendly. It was totally worth the visit!
With our new energy we walked towards the Castle, through another shopping area.
The tour of Cardiff Castle starts with a walk through the tunnels in the wall, formerly used as shelters in World War II.

Coming out from there we had a great view of the tower on the hill.
The walls follow the ancient layout of the Roman fort that used to stand here.
The actual castle is only a small part of the entire structure.
Walking up to the tower
It's empty inside now but you can still see the holes where wooden buildings were attached to the walls.
Tower room views

On top of the tower: a great view around woth the Millenium stadium to the right

Back down - those stairs are steep!

Castle windows, showing royal figures
The Arab room

The banquet hall, still in use today. I think they were getting ready for a wedding party.

Funny animals
Five ancient landuages
Reconstruction of an ancient Roman door with a few original stones on the bottom
After so much culture we went for another round of shopping! Because, you know, the entire way back to the hotel was lined with shops anyway...

During the entire trip we are also filming scenes for another dance/vacation video, like this one:
Yes, I hop around in public places, but when you have seen all those stag/hen night parties roaming the streets in "funny" costumes you stop to care...

My purchases of this day and the night before. So many practical things!
After 8 PM we took a taxi from the hotel to Llandaff Cathedral, the meeting point for the Ghost Walk.
While we were waiting I saw a little rainbow as the setting sun shone into the clouds.
Our guide Carl did a really good job at telling scary stories, especially in the dark... All about tragic local ficures who were killed, had accidents or commited suicide - so now their souls are restless.
And let's not forget about the witches and banshees!
Walking out to the haunted meadows
Apparently a lot of people drowned here...
As it started raining during the 2 hours tour the ground got quite muddy. I was glad to have rubber soles - and pleased with the new torchlight I had bought in the afternoon. It served me well.

We ended our tour in the graveyard, of course, with more gruesome tales of children's ghosts and the "black monk" who might appear at any moment...
After the tour we took the bus back into the city where the nightlife was in full swing. Even the police were already out, keeping some drunks in check.
We found the temperature to be a bit chilly, but that did not prevent the Cardiff party folks from standing outside half naked. All the girls in their highest heels and shortest skirts while most men wore short sleeves or just no shirt at all!