Cardiff to London - and evening awesomness

You know that a city is dedicated to its shoppers when the stores are open on Sunday ;-)
Since we didn't have enough time for another excursion, we simply wanted to check out more shops that we hadn't been to yet.

First morning shoppers waiting for the doors to open...

I haven't mentioned yet how everything here is written in English and Welsh:
Don't ask me to read it out loud though, Welsh has is very own way of pronouncing letters!
The arcades - a logical thing to build when the weather is often rainy. Keep the shoppers dry and happy.

In heaven...
But then we had to leave Cardiff, a little sad. It's a great city, we recommend a visit!

For some reason the way back took 3 hours instead of two. Strange railway logic...
So bring enough food!
And unlike me, don't forget to take a fork in the hurry - I had to eat my salad by hand...
Back in Paddinton station
Of course after dropping the luggage at the hotel we walked some more, and saw more interesting architecure.

An ice cream and a Shard
And a Tower Bridge
Walking around Southwark - I must have said "this is sooooo cool!" about 50 times! Because it really is a great area for a stroll.

Attention, loads of bridge pictures ahead!

That was the plan - see a Shakespeare play at the Globe. Unfortunately it was sold out (and I don't remember why I didn't book a ticket in advance, but it must have been a good reason).
Alternative program: sit on a terrace by the Thames and finally eat traditional English dishes like pie and fish & chips. In short sleeves, because it was a lovely, warm evening.

Some history: the Clink Prison museum is open until 9 PM, so we paid it a visit.
If you want to know how awful humanity can get, just look at old prisons and torture methods...

Back out in the light, where the sunset is reflected in a glass tower. So pretty!
More pretty!
Skaters' corner
And even more pretty lights!
Moon over Soho... (secret book title reference)
We were walking in kind of a zig zag, crossing a bridge, walking to the next one and then crossing again. 

Finally we arrived at Traffalgar Square from where we took the bus to the hotel for a little more "London by night" sightseeing on the way.