London - Different views

After many months of planning the moment had finally arrived!
London City airport ROCKS! First you get a great first view of London while circling over it.
Then the airport is actually rather small, so there are no big crowds, you get through customs quickly and your bags are already there to collect. 
20 minutes from touch down to door!

The first attraction that I had planned was the cable car that goes over the Thames, just a short bus ride from the airport.
More cool views of London!
On the other side:
Yes, it was a little rainy - but the good thing about London is that it's practically what you expect, so it's not a big deal.

From the O2 we took the Underground to get to our hotel.

Welcome to Whitechapel! Or is it India/Pakistan/Bangladesh? Hard to tell...

Our room wasn't ready to check in yet, but we just wanted to drop our luggage anyway and continue our explorations.

Riding the Underground is one of London's adventures...
You can be VERY underground!
Next stop: the Film Museum with its current exhibition "Bond in Motion".
We started by warming up with some storyboards.
And then we got down to the serious business!
Some of the vehicles had taken a beating... (In the background you could watch the scenes in which the cars / boats were used)
Models and gadgets
On water
A mean machine!
How do you like my new car?
Exiting the museum, we took a walk around Covent Garden
So many nice buildings here!
Green stairs in the rain
Late lunch / early dinner at restaurant Ping Pong - the first of many delightful meals we had on this trip.
Delicious Asian food!
Off to the London Eye!
London from above No. 3! And the sun is coming out :-)
On the ground again
Bicycling in London is not for whimps! Actually, most of the bikers were wearing serious equipment, often yellow vests.
Colorful restaurant
And the logical next step:
We had arrived at the theater a bit early, so we collected our tickets and went for a stroll around the area.
Olivier managed to buy 2 shirts and a pair of pants in only a short time.
Ready for action! The play was great - good acting and of course a surprising plot.
When we got back out it had gotten rather cold, so we hurried back to the Tube station and to our hotel.

This time I can't show a picture of the room's view because I had booked the cheapest room - which had no window at all! But a big very comfortable bed, and that was really all we needed after this long day.