London - Madame Tussaud's and loads of roses

One of the first things we had planned to do on this trip was a visit to Madame Tussaud's. I booked tickets for Monday morning, hoping that there wouldn't be too many people at this time. But we still had to queue a bit.
It's a rather big affair and very well done I think. There are not only the figures of famous people but also other attractions.

We started out with the "A List" celebrities which included several Bollywood stars.
I had put on my glitter shirt for the occasion - because seriously, if you know that you will be taking pictures with extremely well-groomed and dressed stars, you better look good yourself! I just don't get how many people go to Madame Tussaud's in their ugly "tourist dress" outfit. But then, I don't see the need for that kind of clothes anyway - it's London, for goodness sake, not a hike in the mountains!

Posing with Aishwariya
Salman Khan, my first Bollywood crush
Me and the Captain
The unknown Japanese tourist (yes, she is a wax figure as well!)
Fashion heroe
Action heroes
Me and Marilyn, one of my old time favourites
St. Audrey, as my frirnd Willow calls her
Hello Mister Bond!
The sports hall
Meet the Royals

My girl Kylie!
The Fab Six
For my Turkish friends
For my Indian friends
The London Spirit ride, going through different scenes of history
Swinging Sixties

Spiderman's new side-kick
There was also a Marvel superheroes 4D experience which was really cool.

All in all we sprnt about 2,5 hours in there and enjoyed it a lot. It's costly but worth it.

Just a short walk away is the Regent's park and we spent the rest of the afternoon there. It was warm and sunny, perfect for a stroll - or chilling under the trees as many people did.
There's even a small lake

Roses, roses, more roses

Where am I?
Too bad we already had to go home!
Just as we had really gotten into the London groove... For me it was like I had stepped in a different city from the one I had visited several times since I was about 17. And it's not just because of all the new buildings - there also seems to be a different vibe about London now than before. And I like it!
For Olivier it was even more so since the only time he had been here was over 25 years ago.
There are still many things we want to do and see. So we kept our Oyster cards for the next visit :-)

I always look strange in selfies.... That's our plane in the background. City airport is small enough so that you can walk from the gate to the airplane.