Making bags

If you have read some of my posts you might already know that I love bags, especially little Turkish bags.
But sometimes the size or shape that I need is just not available, in which case I make bags myself.

So today I am presenting to you examples from my bag factory. Maybe some of you will be inspired to make your own bags - if so, tell me in the comments what you did!

Let's start with the ones I am most proud of!
You might have seen handbag organizers before. You know, the bags that let you tansfer your stuff from one handbag to the other with only one grab instead of having to move every item separately.
Well, one day I decided that I needed one of these. I have some handbags that I really like but that have no or only one inner pocket - the sure way to chaos!
And since the handbag organizers that you can buy are
a) far too expensive in my opinion for just a bit of polyester and
b) not the right size for my stuff, I made my own!

Here you can see how everything I need in my handbag fits very nicely into my organizer.
I reinforced the key department to protect the fabric. The buttons hold it all together.
And yes, there is no phone in that cover, I used my iPhone to take those pictures!
And this is what it looks like from underneath
 I was so happy with this that some time later I made two others:

And it's also just the right size for the LeSportsac handbags that I like so much for traveling because they are lightweight.

My next bags HAD to be for shoes :-) Actually for my tango shoes.
Besides my "normal" shoe collection I have about a dozen or so for dancing tango. Partly due to the fact that I have very good sources in Istanbul, especially Necmi Usta who custom makes my shoes for the fraction of what dance shoes cost in the shops in Switzerland.
And of course all of them are delivered in a shoe bag. But these bags don't let you see what is inside which makes it a bit hard to find the right pair.

I have two solutions for this: Transparent bags and matching fabric.
 These bags were actual made from leftover fabric.
You might have seen this special creation if you followed my Home Improvement Saga where you can see more detailed pictures. After using it for several months I have to say that this was one of the best ideas I ever had, it's just perfect!
Next: Bags for dance stuff!
We dancers have some big accessories that we need to transport. My sword didn't come with a sheath and my Isis wings' bag was of such cheap quality that the zipper broke after opening it 2 or 3 times.

The sword's bag is made of the same fabric as the desk organizer above. It's sturdy but still easy to sew. I reinforced it at the tip.
I thought about the best way to construct a cover for my Isis wings. They are kind of a pain to stuff into a bag. So here's my solution: I chose a transparent material because it was cheap - and it lets the wings' pretty material shine through. There is velcro all along the edges.
So you lay the wings over this, close the velcro and fold the bag, pulling on the strings on the side.
Voilà, easy to pack and transport!
Recently I bought a piece of red fabric to make a nice bag for my chic new jump rope. Yes, I am on a fitness trip right now....
I had a lot of left over material, so I turned to my make-up bag. Like all my travel stuff, it's red.
So I decided that making new bags for my brushes and hairpins would be the right thing to do.
For security reasons and better visibility I chose to put my hairpins and elastics into a plastic bag before slipping them into the red bag. Practical extra: a loop for safety pins - very important for dancers who need to secure their costumes!
Sometimes I travel with less make-up, that's when I use one of these boxes. I made an extra bag just for this with an elastic on the top so that my brushes wouldn't fall out.
There you have it - I'm the official Bag Lady!