The Cardiff Experience

View from our hotel room. Extra points to you if you can correctly pronounce the name of that bar... It's Welsh!
Walking to the Bay we encountered these markings on the sidewalk.

The reason why we came to Cardiff! If you don't know anything about Doctor Who you might want to scroll down a bit. If you are a fan, be jealous :-)
The magic behind the dinosaurs...
Me and the 11th Doctor!
The shiny old console of the TARDIS
Fried up new console
Evolution of the Daleks!
Come on in!
Caught by a Cyberman
The Silence - and other monsters
Besides the exhibition there was also an "experience" part where we were walked through various sets with special effects. We had a really great time there!

Walking back, past the Norwegian Church and a monument for explorers of the Antarctica.
The red building is not a church but the Pierhead
Another interesting way to link the old to the new
A little boat tour around Cardiff Bay
Looking back to where we were before
The big building is a five star hotel
Even more wind than usual!
Here's one for the fans of the TV series Torchwood:
Late lunch at Gourmet Burgers. I have to say that we had nothing but good food so far!
Forget the old prejudice about bad cooking in Great Britain, the people here have come a long way.
The Millenium Center, one of Cardiff's most prominent landmarks

Walking into the city
Along the Taff river
These houses go on and on... But hey, they have a view on the river
Stadion ahead
Somebody wasn't sure what color or style to choose - so they took them all....
The water bus
Bute Park entrance
Cardiff Castle in the background
The park is very big, this is just a tiny part of it. And many people were taking advantage of the nice weather.
Welsh flag in the wind
And just as we were getting to the shopping streets, Oli noticed that he had left his bag with Doctor Who merchandise at the restaurant. So we hopped into a bus and drove all the way back that we had just walked... Of course they still had his bag. Crisis over. Next bus back into the ctiy...

We found art and architecture :-)
And a colorful shop
But we were too tired for long shopping sessions.
Walking towards the hotel we encountered another old-and-new building
Actually we did enter the St. David's mall for a short while but then decided that the cinema would be a better idea for our very tired feet.
We watched Tom Cruise blowing up aliens in Edge of Tomorrow, which we enjoyed. And part of it plays in London, how fitting!

Coming out of the cinema we were very thirsty and a little hungry, but it was after 10 PM. 
We tried this restaurant which is close to the hotel, but unfortunately their kitchen was already closed. We might go back to eat there on Saturday. And yes, it's called Chapel :-)

In the end we had to go back to the cinema (just 2 minutes walk from the hotel) to get ice cream and nachos...