Soba Bay - Off to the sun!

There comes a moment when I am starting to get fed up with Winter. Usually around February. Knowing this we booked our vacation several months in advance and got a really good deal for the flight and hotel.

But before I got to this:

...I had to walk through this:
Yep, that is fresh snow, at 5 AM! Our flight left at such an uncivilized early hour that we had chosen to check in our luggage the day before so that at least we didn't have to drag suitcases through the snow on our way to the train station.

Snow on the airport...
...snow on our airplane! They had to clean it off before we could start.
All went well and we arrived in Hurghada at noon. From there it was another half an hour of driving through a very unspectacular landscape - just sand and rocks.

But then we arrived at our 5 star Mövenpick resort, walked down to the beach and all was good!
It's the off-off season, there are very few other guests.
See the moon rise in the back?
There's a hut on the beach where they offer water sports lessons and Olivier booked a bunch of kite surfing lessons. Me, I prefer simple things like "one board, one wave". Kite surfing requires far too much equipment for my taste. So I won't be joining him.

After a nap we went down to the restaurant and I got the Om Ali (Egyptian dessert, some kind of warm pudding) I had been longing for. Quite a sugar rush!

The evening's entertainment was a Nubian folklore show followed by some audience participation dancing.
There were a few dozen guests in the bar, the most people I have seen here so far!