Soma Bay - The beach and pool life

I started my day with some Bharata Natyam dance practice. I found a good place on the terrace of the beach restaurant that has a tiled floor and enough shadow - because even in the morning I would not want to dance in the direct sun. This was my view:

Then I met Olivier at breakfast. There's a very big buffet, just the way it's supposed to be. Now we also got to see more of the other guests, many of them are Arab families and some Russians.

Oli had his first kite surfing lesson that day, mostly theory and some practice while I read a book on my beach chair and went snorkeling.

There's another resort, the "Caribbean World", and although it's not directly next to ours they let their music blast so loud at the beach that the wind carries it over. I am just glad we didn't go to stay there!

To escape the noise I packed my stuff and continued reading by the pool where Oli joined me later and we swam some rounds together.

There is no village nearby, so our only walking option for the later afternoon was along the beach and past the other resorts. 

See, that's how much space there is between us and the Carribean World!
The last big resort in the row is the Palme Royale, a very nice, posh place with a little yacht harbor.
Our original plan was to walk around all the bay, over to the Marina and other hotels (estimated time: about 45 minutes).
But then some kind of guard told us that it wasn't a good idea because the inhabited area was populated with wild dogs. He also made a biting gesture with his hands. So we weren't very keen...

Instead we turned around and walked towards the sunset.

At the Palme Royale you can rent an entire, super-kitschy house if you want to spend your time there with your whole extended family!
They also have a nice park.
We had to be careful walking along the beach because of the many jelly fish that were washed up.
Sunset behind the mountains and the Mövenpick resort.
It was too early for dinner (sunset is at about 5:20 PM) but we had an ice cream at the beach bar and enjoyed the view of the evening sky.
When it got dark the moon had a gigantic halo.
We had dinner at the Italian restaurant and some fruity drinks at the bar. Yeah, nightlife is not a priority on this vacation :-)