Soma Bay - Photo Experiments

Friday had the least wind so far during our vacation.
Perfect conditions for hanging out at the pool.
But we also had a special photo project: taking dance pictures under water. I had even made a costume especially for this.

Unfortunately the beach area by our hotel  turned out to be unsuitable for it, the water wasn't clear enough and there just aren't any pretty corals.
I also found out that I need a bunch of safety pins because the skirt wants to slip down while the belt is riding up!

Here are some test shots.
And what's with the big cheeks full of air?
We decided to repeat the experiment the next day, better prepared.
I also went over to the pool to practice diving without using my legs since they get all tangled up in the skirt.

In the evening Oli was kind of sleepy so I let him take a nap while I went for a small dinner. The hotel restaurant was very busy, I think there was also an additional group Scandinavians who had arrived.

For the first time it was warm enough to sit outside at night.
When the evening entertainment started I went to get Oli. And to our surprise there was another dance show! 

Two dancers presented a very professional, great show with duet and solo dances and various costume changes.
They were Egyptian but used all kinds of music, including Turkish and American recordings.

I enjoyed their show very much and took some short videos that I will show you later.
We concluded the evening with a game of Backgammon.