Soma Bay - watching people, fish and dancers

For those of you who were wondering about my daily dance practice by the beach, here's what it looks like:
Pictures taken by Olivier before he went off for more kite surfing.

Back at the hotel for my second round of breakfast I found a change in our formerly quiet hotel: With the arrival of what must be at least 100 Egyptians the restaurant was suddenly full of people and there was even more buffet space.

I chose eating on the terrace to escape the masses. It was also a good way of watching people come and go. People watching is after all a good pass time!

First analysis: while the Egyptian women are pretty much wearing their every day clothes, most men are in sweat pants. Style is definitely not their main concern...
And Adidas is king in Egypt! Hardly any sportswear that didn't have the 3 stripes!

I needed to relax and digest for a while after this... Then Oli came back early because the wind had gone down and he decided to join me on the snorkeling excursion that I had booked for the afternoon.

We went out on a boat with a glass bottom, so that when we got to the reef we could already have a first look down.

But of course it's better when you are in the water!
All pictures of this excursion were taken by Olivier.

Colorful fish
Fun with bubbles

Purple corals
A friendly face
Our boat, the Vetamen Sea. Get it? Say it out loud to get the pun of the day...
We got off at a little sandy island.

Shells in all states
It took us about 10 minutes to walk around the entire island, it's really small.

On the way back, sitting on the boat's sun deck
Of course we were hungry that night! And the beach restaurant had its "Oriental night" with Lebanese cuisine.
After a big choice of mezze we even got our own table grill!
Later we went over to the bar, just in time to catch the bellydancer.
She was actually quite good.
Then followed a tanoura dancer with his whirling act. Sorry, we didn't have the best light for pictures - but you can see how this traditional dance has been turned into a circus act, at one point he even brought out little umbrellas.
And then he lit up his costume! 
It looked really spectacular. In the end he walked around, spinning the skirt with his arm overhead.
The belly dancer came on for a second show, this time with audience participation. And you should know that I have "volunteer" written all over my forehead...
I bet she didn't expect me to copy all of her moves, making this practically a duet number!