Bonn - So much to see!

When I asked people around me who had been there: "What is there to see or do in Bonn?" they simply said: "Nothing".
Now I didn't exactly go there for touristy reasons - I had been invited to teach and perform at the yearly congress of Germany's Bundesverband Orientalischer Tanz (association for Oriental dance). So the main focus would be meeting other dancers and sharing the joy of dance.

But I also wanted to profit from the trip on other levels, especially since the flight with Germanwings was more expensive than my last one to Istanbul although it only takes a little over an hour. That's because they have a monopoly on that connection.

After I landed and ran through the airport to catch the hourly shuttle bus just in time, I arrived in the center of Bonn half an hour later. Thanks to this being a public holiday there was hardly any traffic in the city. 

A quick Internet search beforehand had told me that the birthhouse of Ludwig van Beethoven is in Bonn, not far from the train station. I deposited my luggage in a locker and started walking. 

After just a few minutes I already passed by the Münster.
I went inside and found a beautiful interior, made to a great extend of wood, especially around the orgue.
It was shortly before mass and there was so much incense in the air, it nearly made me dizzy. The grey color by the altar is actually smoke!
The windows are of a newer design.

Original fountain
Old city gate.. leading nowhere.
Beethoven was born in 1770, so his house (one of several he lived in as a child in Bonn) is in the old heart of town.

It has several small room with very creaky wooden floors.
There's a collection of papers, instruments, paintings and more linked to Beethoven, his life and collectors of his artefacts.

Beethoven was born in this little chamber.
In the streets I had seen a poster for a Karl Lagerfeld exhibition and decided that this should be my next destination. By now I had found out that Bonn has a ton of museums. And the S-Bahn (underground) station where I had to get off is in an area called Museumsmeile (museum mile) which pretty much says it all.

Upon exiting the station you are practically hit on the head by the art museum. 
I like this new architecture.

The Bundeskunsthalle (national art hall) is right next to it.

Entrance of the Bundeskunsthalle
The Lagerfeld exhibition was awesome! Not only the clothes but also the way the exhibition was presented.
Technically, photos were not allowed so I could only take some in secret agent mode.

Ball gowns and wedding dresses. 
Then I went upstairs for some classical art. This show presented a lot of works that showed how much Michelangelo had influenced other artists with his work, both in paintings and in sculputres.
Even the museum's roof had some interesting features.
Minigolf with mini buildings
There was a lot more to see but I thought I should make my way to the congress location, so I only took a peek into the art museum.
Going underground.
I took my luggage from the locker and found the right bus to the big youth hostel where the congress takes place.

The bus passed through a street with wonderful old buildings.

I had a two bed room for myself since  many participants only came on Friday. 

View from my room.
Nevertheless there were already some dance workshops going on and in the evening there was a welcome party with performances.
It was a very varied, short show - here are some of the performers: