Bonn - strictly dancing

Saturday was my "working" day at the dance congress.
I already started at 9 AM to teach a 3 hours workshop for Lebanese dance style. Sorry, there's just a blurry screen shot from the video I took in the end because I forgot to take a class picture. But there were 13 students joining in the fun of dancing dramatically (and fast) on high heels!

All the walking and dancing was taking its toll on me (especially the feet) - straight after lunch I went for a 2 hours nap to restore my batteries.

I also didn't go out in the afternoon but instead bought an hour of WiFi to update my blog and see what else was happening in my mailbox, Facebook etc. Yes, it's a youth hostel and comfort is limited - Internet only worked in the lobby.
But this also meant that I eventually joined a group of other dancers in a fun discussion about men and relationships. After all, one of the great things about dance festivals is connecting with other dancers - on a professional and personal Level.

Towards the evening my room mate Afritah and me started putting on our make-up to get ready for the show. Afritah did some last minute fixing on her costume.
I also popped into one of the empty class rooms to practice my dance a few times.

There wasn't a big theater, it was more of an informal show, but with some really great dancing.

Here's me with my Tango Oriental Fusion number.

Afritah and me, after the show. She's a lovely woman and a great dancer!

As always after these long dance events I was pretty exhausted and glad to be flying home the next day where I spent most of my time on the sofa and in bed, recovering from it.

And yes, Köln/Bonn is a small airport, you can just walk over to the airplane... Germanwings was all right for this short flight, but they make you pay extra for EVERYTHING, so I probably would not choose them for a longer distance.