Bonn - walking, dancing, talking

My first "official" job at the congress was to teach a workshop in the afternoon at 2:30 PM. I had therefore enough time to go to town again, especially since I already went out of the house at 8:15 AM.

The youth hostel is up the hill, quite a distance away and there are only 3 busses per hour - and of course I missed one by a few minutes.  I started walking towards the university clinic where more bus lines pass by. But somewhere I took a wrong turn I guess because I ended up in a wrong street. I was however in the right direction to go towards the center and just walked on through little streets.

The university of Bonn has its building spread out all over town. The agricultural faculty is housed in an old house with bee hives in the garden and flower hedges.

About 45 minutes later I was down the hill and found more of the big university buildings.

There's a long, wide street called Poppelsdorfer Allee. 
It's lined with stately old buildings.

I had already noticed several cut of young birch trees with ribbons and heart shaped signs that had female names written on them. 
I later fond out that this is a local tradition: young men put up these trees on the first of May in front of the house where the young lady of their heart lives. An unpopular girl risks to fnd a broom...
By the way it's a bad sign to get a cherry tree instead, it means that the girl is of loose morals and anybody can "pick her cerries"!
I passed by the train station and found even more university buildings on the other side.

Arriving by the Rhine
I thought it quite funny that originally in this building you could not only learn about egyptology but also "Leibesübungen" - gymnastics! Not that there was a sign of any sports building. Must have been theoretical studies...

I continued to the shopping area and entered a big department store because I really needed the bathroom. 

On the way out I passed through the accessories section - and I found a great new watch to replace my old one which I had lost a few weeks before. Just by coincidence it's a model by Karl Lagerfeld.
It is the season of strawberries and aspargus - they are sold all over town.
On my way back I stopped by the botanical gardens.
They belong of course to one of the university institutes.
House of the tropics
Lotus and other water plants

From there I took the bus back.

My workshop was 3 hours of Lebanese dance style and it went really well.

The evening program in contrast consisted of several hours of sitting... The Oriental dance association who organizes this congress takes the opportunity of having a lot of members in one spot to hold the yearly general assembly.
It was thankfully not too formal and there were even funny moments.