Istanbul - all around Beyoglu

After Friday's adventures I wanted a calmer program on Saturday. There were also some smaller things left on my to-do list. Like for example a haircut.  I usually get my hair cut in Istanbul and the last time had been a year ago!

After a short stroll through the neighborhood I simply entered the first hairdresser I saw. Getting your hair done this way requires an open mind. Communication is limited, you can only give basic instructions and then trust in the professional expertise of your kuaför. 
He did a good job though - it will probably have to last until my next visit to Istanbul!

Since I had only had a small breakfast I was hungry and went for lunch in one of those cool restaurants in Cihangir called "Otto". It's a big place and I can totally imagine it would be totally packed later in the day.

Me, my new hair and my Tex-Mex burger
I enjoyed wandering through the little streets of Cihangir again. There are some very pretty corners to be discovered.
Nice little restaurant, I might go there later

There are a lot of antiques and vintage shops all over the area

Nice old buildings
Street art
I would stay, but I can't...
More wisteria
Eventually I ended up in Istiklal street where the day would just not be complete without a demonstration or two (the police was ready and waiting just a bit gurther up the street).
The Istanbul uniform: jeans, shirt, jacket, sneakers
For the culture part of the day: a visit to the Pera museum. There were several interesting exhibitions going on: Weights and measurments through the ages

As the sign says: coffee cups and other ceramics

Paintings commissioned by foreign ambassadors in Istanbul or those from Turkey abroad
Turkish women having a party
Old Istanbul
Surprisingly photographic painting
Special section dedicated to the Turkish painter Osman Hamdi Bey
The Tortoise Trainer
Walking on... The restaurant street near the fish market
Of course I did a bit of shopping in between - there are so many shops you can hardly avoid it!

But at a certain point, when it good more and more crowded and noisy I went home through the quiet back streets.
I wanted to get a good rest so that I would be fresh for my last evening.

And indeed, when I went to the milonga it seemed like everybody wanted to have a last tango with me! I hardly ever got a chance to sit down. Just how we like it.