Luxembourg - all kinds of modern art

After all the ancient buildings on our Sunday excursion we went for a contrast program on Monday at the MUDAM, the Museum de l'Art Moderne of Luxembourg.

They had a great Exhibition by David Altmejd. Sculpures made of mirrors, resin bananas, fur, thread, plexi-glass and a lot of other materials.

Great for a mirror selfie!

Just imagine all the many hours of work that go into an installation like this. There are so many details to look at.

Some of them are really big

More mirrors

Laurence and Raphaël

Detail - it's like a weird dream with cherries turning into a Hand

Big man with squirrels

Different artist: Franz Erhard Walther. I can't help it, his object just reminded me of practical fabric boxes from IKEA...

We were all impressed by this "chapel" by Wim Delvoye, completely made of steel with "different" stained glass windows. The motifs are actually x-ray Pictures.

The Museum itself is built in the remains of an old fort.

The museum's café, a work of art as well

We went home for a delicious lunch and then hung around a bit.
When the sun came out I suggested going for a walk so that we could se a bit more of the City.
The Boys even got to do some climbing.

Steep rocks everywhere

Deep Valleys

Unfortunately it started raining soon. We first sought refuge under a rock and waited for a bit, hoping that the rain would stop soon. But no such luck. We had to walk back anyway.

By then it was also getting late for our drive home - it's easily 5 hours between Luxembourg and Zurich, not counting some short breaks!
But we had a good time and will be back on an other occasion.