Luxembourg - sightseeing on the rocks

When we drove up to Luxembourg for a long weekend I didn't really know what to expect. We went to visit my boyfriend's brother and his family who live there.

I didn't prepare much but basically just went along and I was pleasantly surprised. 

On Saturday we walked into the city and I soon found out that the center of town is built on steep hills.

Old houses - so pretty!

With niece Mia and nephew Elvis

Of course any proper tour has to include the cathedral.

Special feature: They have gobelins on the walls.
Musical angels
Very nice stained glass windows
There's a weekly marked in the town center - Oli who adores cheese bought some delicious old (and expensive!) cheeses.
Then we went to have lunch in a brasserie that specializes in fish and carpaccio. Some people ate an enormous amount of seafood!
Strolling through Luxembourg with locals is like walking in a village - you bump into people they know every few minutes. So naturally we didn't advance very fast, but that was ok. 
We eventually passed by the  Grand Duke's palace.
This guard walks up and down the same ten meters for hours. You can even see a dark trace on the floor.
Built on the rocks!

Next stop Kasematten! Here's a model of the early buildings on the rock. The entire block to the right has been dug through so there are now a lot of passages that were once used for military defense.
Plan of the passages that we walked through.
Explorer brothers
Mood lighting

View from one of the many windows

So many, many stairs!

And many corridors

Looking back to the chamber in the last picture
More stairways!
Finally we exited and started our walk home along the river.
This is where we were before!

Detail on a street lantern by the river

Luxembourg's smallest house. A brewery worker wanted to have his own home but all he could afford was to build this.
More stairs, yippie!
In the evening we were invited by Laurence's parents who live nearby for an apéro which turned out to be enough food to count as dinner, including a delicious chocolate cake.