Beirut - Nightlife, Shopping and Corniche walking

No matter how late it got the night before, we walked the streets of Beirut on a lovely Saturday morning, on the way to our daily Oriental dance lesson.

Two hours of dancing with our teacher Helena Cremona will make you hungy! So she ordered some lunch for us.
Hamra is a major shopping area in Beirut. The perfect place to spend our afternoon!
This is Katharina, demonstrating how to try on shoes and check for their prices at the same time.
Decisions, desicions....

There were so many glittery high heels! We bought some of them - if only so that we could fit in with the beautiful women of Beirut at night.
And what is this?
More crazy shoes! Lebanese women are practically born in high heels.
Relaxing in the afternoon - it's nice to have a hotel room with a balcony.

We just couldn't get enough of the nightlife! That evening we took a taxi to the Le Royal Hotel, a 5 star hotel a bit up the hill. Their Diwan Shahrayar restaurant is huge and very nicely decorated. It offers the full Lebanese program: Music, comedy (which we unfortunately didn't understand), dancers and a lot of delicious food. 

Now let's see, what's for dinner? 

Here we are, all dolled up!
This should be enough food for a start...Yes, we had ordered mezze for two persons!
Action time! Amelia Zidane did some great, energetic dance shows.

Katharina, enjoying a little smoke between the dance numbers.

This time it was Katharina's turn to get up and join the dancer.
Just to let you know which shoes Katharina bought in the end. They perfectly fit her dance veil that she used as a scarf that night.
A little digestive dance never hurt nobody
Having fun in my brand new party outfit!
What kind of fruit is for dessert?
Let's pose!

Sunday was our lesson-free day. Instead we made another excursion to the Virgin Megastore. 
(read from down to up)
View from the top - they were building a new mosque - right next to one of the old churches.
That's Beirut for you!
The reconstructed center of town - I remember just too well how sad these building looked right after the civil war... What a change! And as you can see there were still empty spaces to be filled.
The harbour
Through the new streets

 There's always a way to pray
We went walking up and down the Corniche for 3 hours! It's a loooong road!

According to this poster, Oriental Dance is just another activity here like yoga and tennis :-)
Let's do it!
More fishermen...

 Leave your guns at home when going to this restaurant!
 Restaurants with lovely sea views

 Posing cats
 Sunset time
 It's all mine! 
Back in town - it's hard to take a picture of Beirut that does NOT have a crane in it!

The Place de l'Etoile is always a nice place to hang out at night and meet friendly people.

More fun was had the next day.