Istanbul - the statistics

If you haven't noticed my obsession with Istanbul, you just haven't really read my blog yet :-)

I had lost counts of how many times exactly I was there, so I went digging in my photo albums and started listing up every trip and who I went with. There are links to the respective blog entries, if you like to check them out (if there are several per trip, the blog lists them in reverse chronological order, so start on the bottom).

Some were weeklong trips, others just a few days. But every time I go there, it's a good time!

1996, October - my first trip ever with Esmeray - combined with Cairo

2000, September - with Susanne, a bit more culture, a lot of watching dance

2003, May - with Elisa, discovering the Tango scene and shopping like crazy!

2004, October - with Katharina, coming back from Beirut

2006, June - alone, but teaming up with Natalie for some days. Combined with a trip to Beirut.

2007, May - with Olivier, my boyfriend. Also meeting friends from Sweden

2009, October - with Katharina, doing all kinds of fun stuff

2010, May - with Katharina at first, then alone
2010, October - alone, stopping over to and from Beirut
2010, December - with Willow, doing my 5th and last visit to the Topkapi Saray, I swear!

2011, June - alone, but meeting with Charlotte twice
2011, November - alone, short but intensive trip

2012, November - alone, but hanging out with Lara

2013, April - with my mother and her friends, also visiting Lara

2014, April - with Elisa, shopping + tango extravaganza, Rakkas Istanbul festival
2014, August / September- alone, going to Tarazade Festival

2015, April - alone, but meeting up with various friends, doing a lot of exploring
2015, November - alone, expanding my radius of excursions

2016, September - First showing some highlights to my boyfriend then guiding my first shopping group trip

2017, March - Rainy solo trip followed by some days of shopping and fun with a small group

After Istanbul is before Istanbul - I am already planning my next trip!

Bonus material
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