Anacapri - che bella vista!

I was very determined to see the sun rise! So I got up at 6 AM to be at the view point about 6:40, shortly before the time it was supposed to happen.
Unfortunately I found this at first:
I yelled at those clouds: "Come on, I got up really early although it's my vacation, so get lost!"
And then they did...
The Marina Grande and the town of Capri to the right and Sorrento in the distance to the left.
Caesar Augustus has a great view.
Walking back through Anacapri I passed by the Casa Rossa, one of the many fancy houses built by rich foreigners.
Totally doing it!
Easy to find our B&B, just follow the signs to San Michele...
The church - and the former monastery is the door to the right of it - we practically share a wall.
View from our balcony into what used to be the monastery court.

When we went to breakfast shortly after 8 AM, the other guests where already seated at the one big table, 3 people from Romania and an Italian couple. There are only 3 rooms, so it's really a cozy little place. But the breakfast was quite elaborate for Italian standards.

It was good to start the day early because when we went for our hike up to Monte Solaro our side of the mountain was still mostly in the shadow. We sweated already enough this way!
Looking down at Anacapri
There's our goal in the distance...
Some goats were climbing the rocks.
The Italians like to line their mountain paths with scenes from the passion of Christ.
Climbing up....

Red berries
Last part of the path - where it resembled a river bed...
Other people take the easy way up. I would die of panic if I had to sit on one of those!
On the mountain top! Looking over to Capri and its famous rocks.
Conquering my fear for a good pose.
Where the lazy people arrive.
Steep rocks

Pretty flowers
You can already see the clouds of doom in the background....
Suddenly clouds were creeping up the mountain side, at an astonishing speed.

A few minutes later it was impossible to see anything around because the mountain top was literally in the clouds.
We waited for a little while with help of some ice cream. But when it became clear that the clouds would stay longer we started our descent.

Here's a short video I made in which you can see how fast the clouds travelled:

The clouds made everything look very dramatic like this enchanted forest.

We didn't mind the fog since it looked so pretty.

Before going down we also went on another path and passed by the McKenzie house, built by one of the several writers who had found their inspiration on this island.
The house itself had been reconstructed by a group of locals in their free time.
Looking over to Monte Solaro
The clouds finally left!
Looking out to the sea
When we arrived back into town, this is what our shoes looked like....
Foreigner's house number 3, and the most famous one: the Villa San Michele built by the Swedish doctor and writer Axel Munthe.
Nicely preserved kitchen

It's us!

The villa's garden was awarded "Italy's most beautiful garden 2014"
Villa with a view
Here is St. Michael
On the way back Olivier got into shopping mode... Linen garments are very typical for Capri.
For the early evening we went to get our swim gear and took the bus to the Lido del Faro (Lighthouse beach).
We enjoyed swimming in the waves for a while as the sun was slowly nearing the horizon.

Kitsch as kitsch can...
Rock in the evening light

A perfect place for a wedding! That's what this Swedish couple had thought, and they were right!
Due Lemonsoda per favore...

Pink clouds behind us
Posing with the Faro and the moon
View from the front of the lighthouse
Finally we took the bus back to Anacapri and were so ready for a "small" dinner. Olivier had what he thought would be a "light" seafood plate and me "only" some home made gnocci. Both dishes were delicious and both were more than enough!
We walked our full bellies back to the hotel - just to find that the church next door must have organized some kind of Nonna's disco. Judging from the people who were dancing, most were local Golden Girls... I joined them for a round of leg shaking. Then a guy with two giant boxes of pizza arrived and suddenly the "dancefloor" was empty because everybody went to get their free slice.
Not us though, we had no space left for food! Instead we went up to our room to get some much earned rest.