Capri - day of contrasts

I had planned a second attempt at sunrise watching but when the alarm went off I looked outside and saw a lot of clouds. So I just went back to sleep.
A little later we got up slowly and finally made it to breakfast. 
The Bed&Breakfast is a family run place. Father and son kept us company, and following a comment we had made the day before about a nice cake, the mamma had baked a delicious pear cake just for us!
Alessandro, the son, had built this model of the church and monastery in 8 months! 
You can take it apart to see all the rooms that used to be there befor the buildings were partly transformed into apartments. 
Ground floor - there's also the churche's famous tile floor we were going to visit later.
After all the San Michele church is literally next door!

The altars and all decorative elements are made of wood and painted to look like marble or metal.
Details from the tile floor - the theme is Adam and Eve being chased from paradise, so there are all kinds of animals that would live there.
Unicorns are real! I saw them on a church floor, so it must be true!
In a side chapel there is an exhibition of figures used in a nativity scene. These here represent the people of Capri.
You gotta love the angels' dramatic clothing...

Next stop: Casa Rossa, built by the American colonel J. C. MacKowen.
"Eclectic" is the right word to describe this style...

On the roof top
View to the Monte Solaro where we had walked up the day before.
Lovely garden
Island of Ischia on the horizon
More gelato! Fruit and nuts
Colorful flowers on a hotel terrace
Sandals are a popular souvenir. You can order the style and color of your choice and watch the shoemaker working for you.
Loads of day trip tourists on the little street to the Casa San Michele. 
The Phenician stairs start right under the villa and are the direct pedestrian connection between Anacapri and the Marina Grande. As you can see, there is quite a difference of hights and the steps are really steep.
My calf muscles were still sore from the day before and were not happy about this...
About half way down...

Looking back up - the white house up on the mountain is where we came from!
We didn't walk all the way down to the sea. Instead, when we found a sign for the way up to the center of Capri, we went there, through a long, winding street, between house and garden walls.
Our highest point: the Belvedere Cannone. View of the Marina Piccola. Isn't it pretty?

Just look how,clear the water is! There all kinds and sizes of boats going around the island and sometimes stopping for people to go swimming.
Sweet figs slush, delicious!
I always like a nice garden.
From the view point in the garden you can look up to the Villa Krupp hotel - this is where we stayed 20 years ago! On the bottom of the picture you can see them beginning of the Via Krupp, a small, winding street that goes down to the Marina Piccola. 
Hibiscus galore!

If we had thought that there we a lot of day trip visitors in Anacapri, it was nothing in comparison with Capri! This being Sunday there were even more than during the week. The place was crawling with peolpe from all over the world in small and large groups. 
Especially in the main square where the only way to take a picture without people in it was to look up.
Panoramic view - Anacapri is behind that mountain.
Use every possibility to build a house!
Finally we took the bus back and went to get our luggage. After a little pizza break we invested in a taxi ride to go down to the harbour.
All the taxis here are open and only have a fabric roof.
Towards 5 PM the masses gather at the Marina Grande to catch a boat off the island. We got a ticket for the big ferry on the right.
This is the inside of the ferry - loads and loads of Spanish tourist groups! For such a big ship there was surprisingly much wave movement. Fortunately it only takes 45 minutes to Napoli. 
From the harbour we took a taxi to the Porta Nolana station where we boarded the ghetto train to Ercolano. But hey, at least this train was on time!
After the pretty, well maintained Capri it was quite a contrast to walk through Ercolano. The town looked rather run down...
But our hotel was a villa with a park - quite another contrast!
All we did that night was eat dessert, do some Internet stuff and then go to sleep...