Capri - Worth a long trip!

We started our 10 days trip to Italy at the furthest destination: Capri.
This meant waking up at 5 AM for a very early flight to Rome, getting on a train from the airport to the Termini station and arriving there just in time to catch the fast train to Napoli... which was 45 minutes late. Welcome to Italy!

At least the Treno a Grande Velocità was true to its name - this was the fastest speed I could catch on the monitor:
Unfortunately this made us miss the planned ferry to Capri and we had to hang around in the harbour, eating "good enough for the tourists"-food and sweating. It's really hot here right now!

At least there's a nice view on the Vesuv and the cruise ships.
All aboard!
We'll visit this castle later during this trip, I guess.
45 minutes later we arrived in the Marina Grande of Capri and went on a very full local bus that took us up to Anacapri.
The streets here are very narrow, so vehicles need to be smaller than usual too. But it's still close to a miracle how sometimes two buses pass by each other very closely without a scratch!

We're staying at the Antico Monasterio, a very charming place, and as the name suggests a former monastery.
It's a family-run bed & breakfast and we really like it.
The owners gave us a warm welcome and some recommendations for things to visit.

Then we took off for a little exploring.
Isn't it pretty here?
More than just ice cream - this is some serious gelato!
We got the fruity kind!

Walking down the street... Yes, this is the MAIN street where all the traffic comes through!
View over Capri! I decided to get up early the next morning to watch the sunset from here.
That's one of the local buses driving behind us.
Late afternoon
We passed by the Villa San Michele but will have to come again for a longer visit as it was near closing time.
Lovely windows

Walking towards the sunset viewing spot.
Not too shabby for a pool! 
Madonna of the forest
Evening sun on the rocks
Watching the sunset.... 
Unfortunately there were clowds blocking the view, but it was beautiful just the same.
We met a couple from Geneva there who had glasses of white wine in their hands. They had brought them from the nearby restaurant. We thought it was an excellent idea and got ourselves an apéro as well to enjoy with the view.
And then I spotted the dolphins down in the sea! The woman from Geneva was very excited about it because she had been looking out for dolphins the entire day. 
Not very clear in the picture, they are in the bottom center.
We went back to the restaurant to return the classes and stayed for dinner.
It had a nice view as well - here's a cruise ship, leaving for another shore.
Food was excellent as always in Capri! The wonderful prosciutto was not only accompanied by melons but also fres local figs that tasted like honey.
Here's our "secondo" - we're working on getting the hang of Olivier's new 360° camera.
At one point during the evening I asked Olivier: "Why did we wait 20 years to come back here?"
To which he replied: "Because we are stupid!"
Really, we should not wait so long until our next return.

On the way home...
We were really tired from our long day - and Olivier had hardly slept the night before. When we got back to our room he just fell on the bed in his clothes and went to sleep right away.