Ercolano - walking through an ancient city

We dedicated an entire day to visiting the excavation site of Herculaneum - walking around for nearly 6 hours with only a short break for a drink and an icecream!

Here's the first impression you get when entering and looking down at the part of the ancient city that has been dug out:

We got audio guides that were really helpful to understand all the things we saw.

There is some restauration work going on in several of the building like this one. 
It's great to be able to see the painted walls in their original place instead of the fragments that are on display in the museum. The Romans loved colorful walls!
This is one of the many snack bars where people 2000 years ago would eat their light lunch.
A big villa with garden
Lovely wall paintings and mosaics
The sidewalks were actually mostly covered with roofs on both sides.
Room after room...
The new Ercolano in the back actually stands on more of the ancient Herculaneum!
This house still has its original wooden windows.
Delicate patterns
Elaborate paintings - every wall was completely covered!
In the women's bath house
Mosaics in the public bath

Many buildings had several levels.
A shop
Lively colors from old times

Bedrooms upstairs

Another street - you can see how we spent so much time there - too much to see!

Many citizens of Herculaneum fled to the storage rooms by the beach, only to die from the enormous heat when the volcano erupted...
Another overview with the death bringing Vesuvio in the background
We needed a bit of rest after this long day but walked down to the harbour to watch the sunset over Napoli.
We were of course not the only people. The town's youth, especially young couples, were there as well.

We chose this seaside restaurant for dinner. But since the sun sets at 7 PM and the restaurant would not serve food until 8 PM we took a seat in the bar section. 
The view from there was still nice.
We took our apéro there and I felt adventerous enough to order a Mai Tai. Probably not such a good idea since I hadn't had a proper meal since breakfast and they were very generous with the rum.... After one third of the glass I was already drunk (ok, I don't need much for that anyway!).
I was glad when we could finally move over to get dinner and eat some great fish and seafood.

Bonus picture, taken by Olivier: me on the steps of the hotel's terrace.