Napoli - all kinds of old stones

This is our hotel in the morning sun - not too shabby, right?
View from the breakfast table
We walked to a different train station than the one we had arrived at and found that it was not only closer but also had a better view! That's Napoli in the background, our goal for the day.
Ready for action!
We went straight for the Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli. It's a really big place and we walked around for hours and hours....
Statues of important Romans like Claudius and Augustus.
Roman feet. They all have this shape.
I have seldom seen so many naked men! The female statues tend to be more covered.
Many of the statues come from Pompeii, and these pictures show just a tiny fraction of everything they have in that museum
Interesting composition
Flower girl
Dramatic szene from a mythical tale - you an look at it from every angle and discover new details.
I find it amazing that so much glass ware from 2000 years ago is still intact! And look how pretty it is.
They also used various techniques.
There is a large collection of wall paintings that were recovered from Pompeii.
Model of a temple

If the ancient Romans had Instagram, this is what their selfies would have looked like.
What is it with those women holding a pen to their chin?
Full room decoration
Some of the displays in the museum are pretty old school themselves.
It really is a big building!
Just as I was already totally exhausted, hungry and thirsty and we were half on our way out, we saw the sign for the mosaic exhibition... And I can't resist a mosaic.

Of course they also had a LOT of them!
Many of those pictures are very famous works.
Isn't it cool how a lot of little colored stones in the right order can bring a scene to life?

The museum shockingly doesn't have a cafeteria, just a vending machine. So all I got for "food" was a bottle of pineapple juice.
Well, we moved on by metro...
At the exit of the next metro station we found a good example of the "shabby chic" of Napoli. Beautiful buildings that could do with a bit (and sometimes a lot) of renovation work....
We went uphill to the Castel Sant'Elmo, a ridiculously huge fort built on a rock. Actually, part of it was also carved out of the stone.
See how big it is?
You can walk all around the top of it.
There are several buildings within the fort, it's so large.
But the view is just fantastic!

In the distance you can see Sorrento in the middle and Capri to the right of it.
The islands on the right are Procida and Ischia.
Big walls...
Big windows on the way down

There's a large ramp that leads up to the fort, big enough for cars. This used to be a military fort after all.

We had to find out that restaurants are not open yet in the late afternoon, so all we got was some kind of milk shake.
There is a big pedestrian zone with many shops that we went strolling down. All I got were some cheap cosmetics from KIKO and a foldable rain hat that I would use as a sun hat the following day.
Then we passed by a shop that had shirts for sale in all kinds of colors and for only € 28!
Olivier went inside and about 20 minutes later he was the happy owner of 5 new shirts! Which makes a total of 7 shirts he bought on this trip so far... To keep up with him I got a pair of red pants to replace the once I was travelling with because they were becoming a bit saggy. 

We had to walk around for a while to find an open restaurant - people here simply don't go out to eat dinner early.
But we ended up in a place that served gigantic, delicious pizza. It's the must-eat in Napoli!
After we arrived back in Ercolano we took a stroll around the little harbour where the moon was shining over a container ship.
Harbour with train station in the background