Packing light - getting serious for Italy!

I have written about The Art of Packing before, mostly concentrating on being an organized packer, something I have been good at for a long time.
But there comes a moment when you have to take things further and challenge yourself. In this case I was working on seriously downsizing the amount of things I pack. And clothes are by far not the worst thing - if you take a look at the link to the blog entry above, you will notice all the extra bags that hold "stuff" like accessories, skin care etc. This is where I was able to cut down a lot. For example by downsizing my make-up and toiletries.

So when we went back to our next "Winter on the beach" vacation this February I had already cut down my stuff (click on the picture below to see it bigger). Of course there's always a bit extra when you have to bring the bathing equipment and in this case also my snorkel mask.
My color scheme was inspired by the turquoise waters of the Red Sea. Really, the Red Sea is not red at all!

For Istanbul in April I went all green. Skirts/dresses were important for all the tango dancing I did, as were the dance shoes.
But extra shoes were my only frivolity in this wardrobe, otherwise I kept it quite simple, I should say.

I only packed TWO trousers for 8 days. But hey, I knew I was going to go shopping... In fact I practically doubled my wardrobe by the end of the week and I was glad to have a medium sized suitcase into which I could stuff it all on my way back! And that's not even counting the dance costume I bought...

But now it's time to face the ultimate challenge! We'll be in Italy for 10 days, moving between Rome, Capri and Ercolano (Naples). There will be several train and boat rides and some amount of walking around with the luggage. The perfect opportunity to try out travelling with only a cabin-sized suitcase!
I have been monitoring the weather report and it looks mostly warm and sunny. This sure helps for packing light. With 6 tops and 5 bottoms plus a dress that also works as a tunic, there are countless possibilities to mix and match. I thought a classis red-white-black color scheme would be great because the red will look good on the vacation pictures in front of all those old stones!
The heaviest pieces in this capsule wardrobe are the white jeans and jacket, as well as the wedge sandals, so this is what I will wear on the flight, together with a red t-shirt and silk scarf.
And this is my carry-on suitcase after packing everything. Not only is it under the weight limit for cabin luggage of 8 kg - there is still room left! I will go shopping...
My trusted FREITAG reference bag that has already served me well on other trips is coming along with the small grey one. I had taken these two to Japan (here's my packing-blog for that) as well as Istanbul and they were excellent, so they are coming along again.
The plastic bag with all the creams and toiletries goes into this bag so that I don't have to open my suitcase at security.
There are moments when I get a bit nervous about having so little luggage, but I am sure I will ultimately be glad about it. And hey, if anything is missing, I have a good excuse to go shopping!

Click here to see what I ended up wearing on this trip. Or if you have 5 minutes, watch my fun vacation video where I dance around Italy!