Rome - Colosseum and Palantine hill

When we go sightseeing, we like to take our time and not rush from one place to the next. That's why we spent our day in just one area of Rome.
Of course we had  to get there first - and walking through Rome, it's impossible to avoid historical buildings. Like this big church on our way to the Colosseum.
You really have to define your priorities for the day and stick to them or else you will get endlessly sidetracked. For this excursion it was Ancient Romans, so we let this "new" church be and walked on until the first gelateria. Priorities, you know...

Our way led us through the area of the old Oppio Park with its ruins of bath houses and down this hill.

After that it was just a short walk to the Colosseum!
The place outside was crawling with people and we had to stand in line for 20 minutes to buy our tickets. But it was really worth it - the amphitheatre is so impressive!
See how small the people are? This place is really huge.
View from a balcony over to the Palantine hill.
With and without me...

Side view of the underground structures.
All those emperors and their need to demonstrate their triumph with the help of arches...

From the other side
Looking back
In front of the nearby metro station we got something to drink and a sweet snack.
This is how the city of Rome cares for its people - you can not only get free drinking water but even sparkling water!
And there are charging stations too!
One thing you see over and over again are the letters SPQR, like on this trash can....
...and here's what they mean, written on Titus' arch: Senatus PopulusQue Romanus - the senate of the people of Rome.
Up on the Palantine hill - the vast palace area 

It's not just historical but pretty too!
Posing in the evening light.

Looking over to the Vatican
Forum Romanum

We can't skip the chance of catching a good sunset!

We stayed until the last moment - at a quarter past 7 when they closed down the historical site and we got ushered out.
Just then it started to drizzle - if you look closely you can see the rainbow over the Colosseum that catches the last rays of the sun.
But we didn't give up yet! The sky still had some pretty colors.

There was at least a dozen other people taking pictures around us.
Walking home...
Somewhere on our way back to the hotel we stopped to eat dinner - just in time to escape a heavy rain shower! Fortunately it was over by the time we finished eating and walked the last bit of a very long day to give our feet some rest...