Rome - more of everything!

By Saturday, day 9 of our vacation, my feet were really hurting... That's why I was in no hurry to get up. 
And I could even convince Olivier to break his "walk everywhere" policy and take a tram to Vatican City - especially since hour hotel was close to a tram line that went there directly.
We were not the only visitors with that goal....
The street to the entry gate of Vatican City was of course lined with souvenir shops that were kind of fascinating to look at.

We made it to St. Peter square! Behind us you can see the very long line of people who waited to get get into the dome. Maybe if this was our first day we would have been more motivated to join them. But as it was, we preferred to put it on our list for next time.
We strolled around the big square and took some pictures.
It's a long wait...
The giant St. Peter's dome

Through the colums
Walking away we passed by this miserable looking saint.
Going around Castel Sant'Angelo - this is where we entered. Much less visitors there and no waiting in line!
Nice voew over the Tiber
The castle is a collection of various building phases since its beginnings as emperor Hadrian's mausoleum.
Inside, looking up a light shaft
A little rest
Many popes added to the building and left their names.

Ponte Sant'Angelo
Popes liked their glamour!
Funny detail with elephant
We climbed all the way up to the top where the angel watches over Rome.
And a fine view it is!

It's us! In Rome!
Quite the labyrinth

Over the bridge
From there we strolled through the small streets and Olivier got his medicine...
No grand palaces here.
Who needs a church when you have a house corner?

There are a lot of little shops in this area, like this second hand boutique with clothes mostly from the Sixties and Seventies. It's where Oli bought shirt number 8!
Park Smart
Some streets look more inviting than others...
And as usual, we stumbled upon an important sight by accident. It's just so hard to avoid them here!


Anyone who's someone is buried here!
What you can't hear is that in most places there's some kind of street musician. In front of the Pantheon it was a guy with his guitar who apparently had made it his mission to play and sing the entire Dark Side of the Moon album.
So we visited this monument with the help of Pink Floyd...

And another temple! One that was used to build houses into it....
We walked all the way back and I was half dead when we arrived at the restaurant near the hotel. At least we didn't have far to fall into our beds after dinner!