Aigle - Castle and vineyards

We usually go to Montreux during the Summer - but who says you can't have a lovely weekend trip in October? The weather report looked fine, so we headed west... And since the inside of the house looked like a construction site (cables being replaced in all rooms), we chose some outside activities.

In fact, Montreux is a great starting point for excursions, as we had already experienced during Summer. So for our Saturday, we chose Aigle in the Valais.

Some roses were still going strong...
Easy to see which side of this building in the historical part of Aigle gets more sun!
Our main goal: the Château d'Aigle, an old castle that also holds a wine museum. After all, the production of wine is very important in this area!

Some of the castle walls are VERY thick!
Down in the cellar: various models of wine barrels
View out of a window to the court
The village of Aigle - on the horizon would be Lake Geneva
Wine labels - some are drawn by comic artists

Unfortunately it got cloudy towards the afternoon. But the red flowers still shine brightly.
Looking out into the land
And this was a bit lager looking back at the castle - basically the opposite direction.
Vineyard door
We just walked for a while until we got to this "adventure park" where you can swing from tree to tree. Not for me! But Olivier decided to definitely come back here with his nephew and nice.
Church of Aigle
After all this walking it's important to enjoy a typical autumn dessert! We took our vermicelles in the traditional Confisérie Zurcher in Montreux.
"Our" little island where the leaves are turning too.
The latest hit: Instead of a boat you can now take the pedalo to reach the island. It's fun and convenient!